Ya once in a while I needed a soul detox as much as a physical detox to clean the bad jujus.

No more excuses, no more dwelling in yesterday.

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D’nephews…my husband dotes on them. He will watch videos of them on repeat one. I am so grateful that I am home to occasionally babysit them and spend time with them.

It reminds me, that when I do have children, I want to be around. I never want to miss a milestone, I dont grow up wanting to stay at home and just watch the children BUT in this day and age, women can have both, raise children and working at the same time. They do it both from home. You just need to learn how to have it all. And there are plenty of mummies out there who you can learn from, the ones who have it all.

Seek them out.

What are you mixing your baby formulas with?

I cant say enough about water. Test done in Serangoon.

If this dont get filtered before it enters your body then it gets filtered IN your body.

It doesnt hurt to want our water to be pristine clean.

We are guilty of trading our most precious commodity for money. Our time. And often we trade it for really cheap.

And no matter how much money you make, you can never buy yesterday.

Have you ever asked yourself, how much are you really worth?

So CARPE DIEM SEIZED THE DAY, your time your call. Choose how you spend it, wisely. You cant get it back once you lose it.

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